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Customers believe in our BOTArmy for:

 Best in Class Data Analytics
 Dedication towards the committed work
 Publish real data to the customer
 Authentic and Consistent delivery

Automation Efficacy

Every employee knows the frustration associated with repetitive and manual process of fixing issues on computer or waiting for SD engineer on calls to fix it or Desk side engineer to come on desk to fix it.

Managing version control & receiving updates, organizations in just about every sector are familiar with the challenges of inefficient (but necessary) business automations.

Desktop automation takes the complexity, cost and effort out of repetitive or manual rule-based tasks.

Customer Experience

We create customer loyalty and trust by engaging anytime, anywhere with Technology led experiences.

To exceed rising customer and employee expectations, and emerge from crisis stronger, one need insights.

BOTNOMICS unlocks the value of your data and responsibly applies BOTIntelligence to make desktop automation more efficient and customer relationships more human.

Operational Excellence

BOTNOMICS CORE Principles for Operational Excellence for enabling company to profitable scale are:

  Respect Every Individual with Humility
  Seek Perfection
  Embrace ML thinking and process
  Quality, Constancy, Value to the customer

Trust and Relationship

Trust, accountability and personal responsibility in all our relationships is our core mantra to create conviction in customer.

We Botnomics focus to develop a stellar reputation and the positive sentiment of the customer not only earns repeat business, but also eventually earns trust, every interaction with our brand offers the incredible opportunity to build a relationship and fortify the position and we strongly believe Customer credence is vitally important to establish and grow the business.

Partners Growth

We enable sustainable revenue and profit growth while maintaining focus on customer success.

Our core principles are aligned to our long term shared purpose, complementary strengths, proactive communications & strategic planning.

We Are Very Different Form Others IT Solutions

Candid & Valiant Approach

Together We Achieve Everything

Passionate For Results

Who We Are

BOTNOMICS is a patented, cutting edge developer of a workplace automation software crafted to manage end-user devices.

The company's maiden offering provides a predictive self-healing for all connected devices, predictive analysis, and proactive issue resolution with minimal human intervention, the self-heal capability to resolve issues on the go and dynamic user interface to view alerts, perform non-invasive resolutions enabling end-users to get support services powered by intelligent automation and real-time analytics for their device health.

Vision Statement:

BOTNOMICS is a Tech company, Pioneering in the development of Cognitive and digitalization. We turn technology dreams into reality & we aim to create Smarter companies With BOTIntelligence.

Mission statement:

BOTNOMICS to bring in the latest auto-bot technology and be a pioneer in desktop automation,which would help to reduce the monotonous efforts in to digitally analytical or auto-healing solution or and in a way to deflect problems even before they occur.


The vigorous nature of the services industry creates a very complex and challenging business environment for companies to sustain and maintain costs.


Following a complacent and conventional models to achieve success does not work very well in the current competitive market.


Increasing the manpower in proportion to business revenue has become a thing of the past. With the advent of cutting edge technologies, advanced communications and globalization, the services industry is obligated to think beyond manpower and move from cost-arbitrage based models to other effective transformational models that add value.

What We Do

At Botnomics, we move your employees from lower value 'swivel chair' activities to more creative activities such as defining problems, setting strategies and serving customers. In the simplest of concepts, intelligent automation solutions will help people improve mean time to resolve, enable shift left on total cost to serve.

Why it matters

In today's competitive and fast-paced business world, organisations need to innovate to keep pace.

Continuously driving business efficiencies is key to realising competitive advantage.

Investing in process driven desktop automation would be a proven and reliable strategy to reduce costs, streamline business processes and ultimately remain competitive.

Cost Savings

Many organisations have roles dedicated to time-consuming manual work. Automating these processes can significantly reduce the costs associated with them and frees up employees to focus on higher value tasks.

Higher Productivity

Automating processes can significantly reduce the time to complete a task (for example, manually fixing the issue without cutting edge technologies), creating more time in the day for staff to attend to other high priority work or do more productive work.

Fewer Errors

Process driven desktop automation removes the risk of manual error that inevitably arises when humans carry out repetitive process work.

Why Choose Botnomics

As they say -technology isn't the innovation, but the catalyst that frees people to innovate. More than anything else, intelligent automation gives humans the space and time to think and to create. Workers now have numerous technologies and tools to drive productivity—just imagine life without Microsoft Office or e-mail or Google—but that technology is stressing us out because we have to operate, manage and fix it.

The new norm is 24/7/365 availability, enabled by smart devices and the internet. Our constant connection has tethered us to the workplace even when we're not physically there. We're stuck managing processes that are aided by, but not automated by technology.

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1500 + Meetings

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