How BOTMINDS foresee problem solving of IT ?
As they say -technology isn’t the innovation, but the catalyst that frees people to innovate. More than anything else, intelligent automation gives humans the space and time to think and to create. Workers now have numerous technologies and tools to drive productivity—just imagine life without Microsoft Office or email or Google—but that technology is stressing us out because we have to operate, manage and fix it.

BOT Trigger

BOTrigger educates the customer in fixing the situations by themselves rather than relying on a third party interaction to solve issues, in an era where user is the king and help yourself are the common buzz words, This approach drastically reduces mean time to resolution time and reduce the IT tickets, The BOTrigger system empowers the user by providing access to a well refined extensive database where the user can be easily directed to a BOTanswers to learn more about a problem.

BOT Smart

BOTSmart offers an effective auto-healing system where problems can be automatically diagnosed and solved based on predictive auto- healing architecture. the system identifies underlying faults, defects and takes corrective actions to fix the problems itself, thereby eliminating calls to the IT team, This model is scalable extensible and can be deployed across systems to optimized operational efficiency, reduce costs and save time and effort, auto error detection, instant diagnostics automated resolutions, patch updates and real time alerts are just some of the prominent features

BOT Optimization

A content type that defines the performance optimization and fine tune the desktop application and OS automatically based on the threshold, deflection and elimination of IT Tasks and cases related to PC maintenance. This content type can also be configured to run during a scheduled window of time and can be set to recur.

BOT Protect

A BOTMINDS content type that define software protection options that are to be protected on end user systems as a single entity. After a BOTProtection is run, the protected software item is represented by a single file and all its file dependencies are stored on the user's local Software Vault. The file and it associated files in the vault can then later be used to restore the software item back to the exact state at which it was protected.

BOT Store

A content type that defines Automated solutions for installation of application as well as its prerequisite software, smooth setup experience to the User, user does not have to keep track of downloading and installing prerequisite software. Content type can be integrated with SCCM for software installation and updates.

BOT Analytics

Leverage analytics to understand the performance
If your organisation is like most, you may feel overwhelmed by the huge data volumes it generates or manages. You may also struggle to consolidate data to gain a single view of operations and/or performance. While it can be tempting to engage a team of data analysts to make sense of your data, there is a compelling and cost-effective alternative, harnessing the power of analytics to identify which processes should be automated,

BOT Voice

BOTVoice - Excuete the command over the Voice command, this has the capability beyond siri , cortana and other voice tools as this can go ahead and fix registry level settings over the voice it can executes solutions over the voice , can create a ticket over the simple voice command , can do a web Searches the content over the voice command

BOT Search

BOTsearch - Your search Ends it can do tranquil search as your local search engine, it has Natural Language search capabilities, Multi lingual search capabilities, can do a Fuzzy search like UN matched search or like search or exact Phrase search with Inside quote mark search.